Bought, without setting foot in the home!

In our first real PCS we evaluated the housing market as opposed to renting or living on base and decided that we would go ahead an buy a place in San Antonio. We do have a retired Iditarod husky who is deaf and needs as much stability as possible, leading us to the difficult conclusion that we would like to close from afar and not actually see the home that we are buying before the fact. The Litton group has made this process smooth, painless, and allowed us to shop with confidence that we know exactly what we are getting, down to the smells in the house. They have worked with us in our process of buying our first home and have found creative ways to work around the time differences and crazy schedules in order to be time effective and be able to move in on a house that we like before it disappears. I couldn’t recommend the Litton group strongly enough.